Reed Kalisher
"Cobb" by Lee Blessing, produced at the Mosaic Theatre in Plantation, FL, is a current Carbonell Award nominee for best ensemble, 2002.
Reed Kalisher as 'Ty'.

City Link
"The current production of "Cobb" may be the best thing to happen to West Broward County since the (Miami) Dolphins moved their training camp there."

"The four actors deliver dynamic performances that are positively mesmerizing and utterly impossible to ignore."

Miami Herald
"Cobb" rich in history and dramatic tension...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
"Mosaic Director Richard Jay Simon casts his ensemble well"...

"The Mosaic troupe consists of talent worth following"...

"Kalisher (and Vargas) illustrate Cobb's seething determination, the catalyst for his frustration, resentment, anger and the world's lack of respect."

Palm Beach Post
"Reed Kalisher, as the impeccably tailored affluent Cobb, brings the role an impressive intensity"...
Meshaun Arnold (standing), Steven Vargas (seated, from left), Michael George Owens and Reed Kalisher portray various aspects of the Hall of Famer's life.
'Ty' (ReedKalisher) trying to get at 'Oscar Charleston' (Meshaun Arnold), being restrained by 'the Georgia Peach' (Steven Vargas).

"Last Words" an original two man comedy by Ray Doliner, produced by the Public Theatre.
Reed Kalisher as 'Moses'

XSmagazine (now City Link)
"Thou shalt laugh!"

"A wickedly droll spoof that depicts what really went on between God and Moses on top of Mount Sinai, Last Words is an unqualified gem."

"Reed Kalisher shines as a befuddled, perpetually kvetching Moses."
Moses (Reed Kalisher) finds out from God (Bill Montgomery) that he must lead his people across the desert for forty years.
Moses and a 'disguised God on Mount Nebo after wandering in the desert for forty years.

"Grandma Sylvia's Funeral" by Glenn Wein & Amy Lord Blumsack, Produced at the Broward Stage Door Theatre and the Soho Playhouse in NYC.
Reed Kalisher as 'Uncle Harvey'.

"Sylvia goes with a smile on her face, and yours."

'Funeral is chutzpah on a steamroller."

Boca News
"Don't miss this funeral."

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